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I should have written a couple of days ago, National Puppy Day, to thank you for providing us with such a darling pet. We love him!  
What a little cuddler. And Yoyo has certainly livened up our house. We're in our 60's but he has us running around the house and
the yard. Pretty funny, especially when I'm outside in my bathrobe. Neighbors and friends love him too. We appreciate that you
started his training and showed us how to continue. I'm sending a recent photo.
Thank you!!! Linda Johnson

Hi there!  

Just wanted to thank you again for an amazing puppy!  She has been a wonderful addition!


How lucky are we to be blessed with Ruby!  She came to us only 3 days ago.  We have been following Jackie's schedule she set
for Ruby and it is working so well!  We had Ruby receive the Basic Training program.  She is very comfortable in her crate and
sleeps through the night.  She also has been doing quite well with potty training outside.  Ruby is a loving, sweet natured girl and
a beautiful addition to our family.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Jackie!

Janelle Salzman


Hi Jackie,

This note is a very long time coming.  We welcomed Ranger into our family from you in early April 2011, after he was born on
January 26, 2011.  He has been nothing short of an amazing friend, companion, protector, therapist, entertainer, and most of all,
family member to all of us since then.  Our children, now 15 and 13, have learned and gained so much from him, as have Stacy
and me, over the last 4 years.

Just wanted to let you know that the work you do pays dividends far beyond what you might imagine.  

Happy New Year, from the Kruegers:

Dublin was awesome at his first Vet appointment this week. His Dr. said he looked great from his standpoint. Dublin wins the
hearts of home, in public and at my studio. With all the children he just rolls over and wants them all to rub his belly.
He is not freighted at all with a lot of little hands around him. (However I do work with the children how to pet him.) He is on such a
great schedule ...almost like clock work!! He follows me EVERY where I go and generally will not leave my side unless I say "it's
ok.)  He is doing GREAT with house training and now goes to the door to the backyard when he needs to go out. Of course I'm with
him 24/7 so I was saying "outside" every hour for the past two weeks. He has only had 4 accidents in the past 3 weeks....and
those were my fault for not getting him outside. I think that's a fantastic track record!!  Now all I have to do is open the back door
and he does his business on his own and comes back in.  He LOVES my sons....if I say their names it's like he does this happy
dance!  Haha. He knows: sit, stay, come, outside, inside, eat, water and totally knows his name. We are working on: leave it and
off. Dublin is such a lover and wants to be loved on....he let's us pet him all over and he just soaks it up!!  Thank you for giving us
such a wonderful dog!!  Dublin is AWESOME!!!

Here is Dublin right after his 8 week check up at the Vet.

Michele, Owner michele's studio

Hi Jackie, I hope you and all your dogs and puppies are doing well! I've been meaning to send you an update on Molly with
pictures. First of all, I must say Molly is just a joy to have around. She is a very laid back girl most of the time and loves to cuddle,
but runs around in circles every time someone new comes around (then rolls over for a belly rub). She is the sweetest dog to
everyone, old and young,  and is very playful with other dogs. She's smart too! She has a little penguin squeak toy that is her
favorite toy. One day I asked her, "Molly, where's your penguin?" and she took off into the living room and pounced on the penguin. I
thought it might have just been a fluke, but since then she consistently finds her penguin every time I ask. Since I've started
graduate school, I've loved having her around to greet me at the door with a wagging tail after a stressful day and to have her lay on
my feet while I study. Now that I have her, I don't know how I ever survived without her! Thanks again for my little girl!



I am sorry it has taken so long to get you some pictures of The Stewart Puppies! Maxx turns 1 year old today so I thought it was a
perfect time to send a few pics! First of all, our family would like to thank you for the wonderful additions to our family! Khloe is 3 1/2
years old and Maxx is 1 like I said. These dogs have brought pure joy to our family! They have very distinct personalities khloe
being an alpha female! Maxx just goes with the flow! They both are the most loving dogs and we are so happy with them. Once
again thank you for the wonderful dogs!

Steve, Paula, Marissa, Blake, Khloe, and Maxx (the Stewart's)


Hello, Jackie!  I have attached a recent photo of our beloved Teddy.  He is almost one year old.  Teddy is so precious and well-
behaved.  He immediately became an integral part of our family.  He was a breeze to train (thanks to your extended training and
lots of treats) and is considered by our friends to be the best dog in our neighborhood (including their dogs!).  We often get
comments about how sweet he is which is well-deserved.  He is such a good boy!   Thank you for providing us the perfect dog.

the Hiott family

P.S.  Notice the bear you gave us to take home for Teddy is still intact!  None of his other stuffed toys has lasted this long. :)

Dear Jackie;

I am the lady that showed up at your house last August and picked up the little brown male cockapoo from PJ's litter. I live in
kentucky. I told you as I was leaving that my husband had picked the name of "Sampson" because of his hair that we had seen on
a picture you posted. I'm a hospice nurse, and wanted a dog that could one day be a therapy dog and go into homes of dying
people with me. I hope I am jogging your memory.

I want you to know we absolutely ADORE Sampson. He is such a joy, such a pleaser, such a fantastic companion for me. He has
just the perfect amount of energy, loves to hike with me and even run as long as I can hold out, but equally as content to snuggle
up in my sewing room on a pillow while I quilt for hours and try his hardest to stay out of trouble. (not always successful, but he
sure tries....) I thought he was for me..... but , well, my husband has bonded so tight to him that I'm not sure WHO he belongs to
anymore! Sampson is in his second series of dog training classes and well on his way to our goal of a therapy dog. He stays at
the doggie day care on the days that I work where he plays with large and small dogs and gets along with all of them as well as

People stop me all the time to ask me where I got him.. I hope some of them have followed through and contacted you.

Anyway, I keep dreaming about a sister for Sampson, you know, Delilah..... of course....

I looked at your site and see that Dedrick is his brother... Also, from Sampsons litter you told me you kept his sister that was
chocolate brown just like him for breeding. I am in no hurry and am willing to wait for years to get the perfect play mate for
Sampson. I don't know if it is possible to come accross another pup with a personality to match Sampsons... but even if there was
one similar... we are so happy with him.. and his demeanor.... I just want you to keep me posted on your pups.. and keep your eye
out for one that comes along that you feel might be a perfect match...

Thanks so much for providing me with my mid-life-crisis pup... Sampson has really filled my need....

Mary Larsen



Attached is an updated picture of Beau.

He has been such a joy in our lives and we don’t know how we managed without him.

He loves his Life’s Abundance food and he is so obedient and lovable.

Thank you so much

Greg & Jenny Cash


Dear Jackie,

This letter has been a long time coming, and you have our apologies that it took so long to update you about Ranger (January 26,
2011; Mocha).  We just wanted you to know that Ranger has become an incredibly important part of our family, and the joy he
brings to the kids (and us, of course) is absolutely immeasurable.  He is extremely well-adjusted socially, and has many canine
(and human!) friends in the neighborhood.  He is known by all as the friendly, cute, happy dog that loves to sniff everything around

I want to thank you again for bringing Ranger into our lives.  He has truly been a blessing to us, and we look forward to many joyful
years with our newest family member.

Thanks again, Jackie,

The Kruegers


I wanted to write you now that we have had Annabelle for a month. When searching and deciding on a breeder it was great to read
the letters from others and even talk with a few people. When getting a puppy we really wanted to make sure we were working with
a good breeder and we are really glad we found you.  The day we picked up Annabelle was so great. She is the cutest puppy I
have ever seen in my life.  She was so sweet right from the start and had no real issues coming home with us. She is obviously
very well socialized and as we learned.... used to being in her crate.  She knew to go potty outside and while she has had some
accidents (which will alwayes happen with a puppy ) there haven't been a lot. Everyone else loves her too, and thinks she is the
cutest, so many people say she looks like a stuffed animal. We are so glad we decided, not only on a cockapoo, but on you as a
breeder. You have always been there via email or phone with any questions we had from the beginning to after we got her and we
are very grateful for that.  We really appreciated the weekly pictures of her while she was growing up and the book and puppy kit we
got from you the day we got her.  To anyone that is considering getting a cockapoo Jackie is the breeder to choose and I would be
happy to talk to or answer any questions from anyone as it was very helpful for me! 630-841-7062

Thanks for Annabelle she has changed our lives for the better and are grateful we have her! I have also sent some pictures of her

Erica and Juan


Hi Jackie,

Just wanted to let you know that puppy is doing great. He was wonderful during the long ride home.  
Thank you so much for teaching him to relieve himself on the grass. Now it would be much easier for us to train him.
We'll keep you posted.

Thank you,

Marzena & Greg


Hi Jackie -

My mom left her computer for a bit and I thought I would type something quickly before she gets back.  I have to say I love my home
and am now the king of the castle!  I have attached some pictures so that you can see how fluffy I am.  Not really great pictures as I
like to move a lot, but will try and get better pictures.

I am healthy, happy, and have a brown streak down my back that makes me unique (as my family tells me)!  I am not bragging, but
I think I bring a lot of joy to our home.  My family seems to always laugh and has taught me a few tricks that I will do if there is a
treat involved.   

I think I am the best dog in the world and wanted to thank you for finding my family for me!

Your friend,



The following letter is from a 21 year old cancer patient's mother. Please pray for this family!)

Hi Jackie,

Thank you so much for your email!!! I am sorry I have not updated you on Chelsea or the puppy. She has been in the hospital since
June 12th for abdomen pain and vomiting. They did a scan to see how effective her chemo treatment was.
Overall they said the scan looked better, but she still has active cancer. She was started on a new chemo treatment today and I
hope we get to go home soon. She is really depressed and is tired of being in the hospital (can't blame her) AND misses Bella
the most. We have snuck Bella into the a hospital a couple of times to see Chelsea and Bella was so excited to see her as was
Chelsea ! OF course the nurses did not care. They loved Bella and I even took her into a couple of patient's rooms to visit and the
patients love her too!! Who couldn't???? She is so adorable and has been a true God send of what we call "Bella Therapy". It was
so wonderful seeing the smiles she brought to the other ill patients!!! Funny how such a tiny (not so tiny now) little animal could
bring such joy to people. I believe animals are God's gift to those for just that give them joy. I can't tell you how much we
love her and so happy we have her in our lives....THANK YOU!!!!

Unfortunately two weeks ago we had to put our beloved golden retriever "Gabby" down. It was truly the hardest thing I have ever
done. Especially hard on Chelsea and my boys.  We will miss her dearly!!!! Having Bella certainly helped eased the pain!! I feel we
were blessed by getting her at the time we did. It was MEANT to be.

I can't Thank you enough for all the joy we have with our puppies!!!! I can't believe how fast they are growing and the vet said they
are healthy and beautiful!!! Lilly is about a half a pound heavier(little porker)  than Bella. She looks like a white snowball!!! My mom
is so happy she has Lilly, we have to giggle at her and how she treats Lilly like her little's too cute!
I will try and get some pictures together and send them to you!

Brenda & Chelsea


The following letter is from a 25 year old cancer patient who took the time to write to me and show me that  we can find joy and
happiness in our lives in spite of the circumstances going on around us - Praise God!

Hi Mrs. Jackie McClure,

I wanted to write and update you on Coby (my baby), my mother, and myself. Since picking up Coby my life has been absolutely
enlightened. He has brought so much joy into our lives; I cant even begin to explain it. After being in the hospital back in April I have
since had four additional rounds of chemotherapy, loss over 62 pounds, and I am completely bald (its so weird, lol), YET life is
grand. Coby keeps me grounded most of the day with his clownish antics. He has a "always happy" disposition from the moment
he wakes up in the morning, thus carrying me throughout the day and sometimes days. I take him everywhere with me... even to
the hospital. Yeah, the entire Chemo Care Unit has fallen in love with Coby and he is the first dog ever allowed to stay inpatient
with a patient. My mother tells everyone that God made Coby just for me and I truly believe that.  We have had no problems with
eliminating indoors (after the first week), no biting issues, or training problems. He's perfect...Maybe a bit spoiled but perfect
nonetheless! So, thanks again and I hope all is well with you and your family. Many Blessings.

Janee' Marie McKissic


Hi Jackie,

I want to start this off apologizing to all past and future clients of yours for pointing out a painful fact:  that our little Sophie is the cutest, sweetest, and smartest puppy you have ever bred.  They may think otherwise,
and they are entitled to their incorrect assumptions.  The crowd of admirers who gather wherever we go proves this fact.  Whenever anyone comes within 50 yards of her, it’s always the same…”Oh my gosh, that
is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen”.  Based on the shear volume of accolades, it’s easy to determine that she is, in fact, the cutest dog ever.  

Sophie is also the best snuggler.  She makes a fairly good foot warmer as well, but since she is so small she only covers one foot.  That will change soon.  Forget about butterfly kisses.  I’d rather get Sophie’s wet
kisses any day.  It’s easy to see why she has us wrapped around her little paw.  

From the moment we brought her home, she has quickly adjusted to her new family.  The schedule you gave us has greatly helped to avoid accidents.  She loves her crate and is hilarious when playing with all her
toys.  She’s full of energy and curiosity.  This makes for some entertaining play. The extended crate training was well worth the cost.    

Several friends of ours got their puppies around the same time.  They have had problems with crate and house breaking.  They are amazed that Sophie hasn’t had any issues with either one.  I think many so-called
breeders are puppy mills that look at the puppies as dollar signs instead of lifelong companions.  It is obvious that Sophie received so much love and nurturing from your family in the 8 weeks before we brought her
home.  Our vet was very impressed by the binder you sent home with us.  All the info has been great.  I especially appreciate knowing you are a phone call away and are willing to help with any issue big or small.  
You are the best.  We are so glad that we found you!

Well it’s time to play with my adorable genius.  Please give everyone my condolences that they were not fortunate enough to get the best dog, but I’m sure their dogs will come in close second.   


The Besl Family


Hi Jackie,

Thought you would like an update on Copper.  We are so in love.  He is crate trained, the first week about killed me cause he cried so much.  Now he goes to his crate by himself.  He has had only 2 accidents in
the house, and would rather be outside than in the house.  Cooper goes on my bus route twice a day and the kids are crazy about him as well as the other bus drivers.  Everyone that sees him, loves him and most
people says that he is the cutest dog they have ever seen. I agree.

He is the joy of our life.
Thanks for a awesome puppy.


Jackie, Words can not express how wonderful Spot (that's what you get when you let a 6 and 8 year old name your dog) has been.  From the second you handed him over to us he has been a pure joy.  He has been
so wonderful with our children and is so affectionate and gentle.  We take him everywhere and people just cannot believe his temperament.  Our veterinarian even said Spot was the cutest cockapoo he has ever

Having you train him the last two weeks has been worth every penny.  Beginning with his very first night, he slept in his crate next to our bed without a peep from 11pm-7am.  Never once have we had to get up in
the middle of the night!!  He has continued to do so every night since then.  We have followed your schedule and house breaking as been a piece of cake.  You really have done such a wonderful job.  When we were
choosing a breeder, we chose you based on your references.  Please feel free to use me as another 100% satisfied customer.  .
Many thanks and blessings to you,

Katie Foltz


Hi Jackie,

Happy New Year to you and your family!

I wanted to give you an update on Holly and send you a few pictures.  She is doing GREAT!  The Quiet command is working out perfectly, I took your advice and pinched her neck,  I only had to do it twice and the
command worked.  She is also sitting and staying when I am giving her a treat.  She is so loving and adorable, she is fitting into our lives perfectly!  My older dog, Tiger is still getting adjusted, Holly wants to play
and he wants to sleep.  It has been fun watching him adjust, he sleeps in front of her cage at night.  

I've attached a few pictures, one with my daughter Lauren, she could not believe that we got a puppy.

Thanks again for your help,

Take care and may God bless you and your family.



Dear Jackie,

Thanks so much for all your hard work with Patch.  From the day we picked him up, he became a happy part of our family.  We expected some separation anxiety, but he immediately acclimated himself to our
family rhythm.   He is sweet, loves to play, and is very calm and kind.  He follows our routine and is easy going.  He goes with the flow.  

At just 4 months he went with us on a road trip from Chicago, to New York, through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.  We were in and out of hotels, stayed with family and did much sight seeing, and he was a
trooper all the way.  Wherever we went people wanted to know what kind of dog he was, that they had never seen a cockapoo that looked like this and were impressed at his ability to follow commands at his young

Your extensive training program was very helpful to us.  When we got him he was completely crate trained and pretty well potty trained once he got used to his new environment.  It allowed us good timing in
finishing the school year and then being able to work with him full time during the summer.  He’s been a joy!

Now that we have spent our first summer with our new puppy, Patch, we are getting ready to get back into our school routine.  He will be spending his days at home with my mother, and
I’m sure he will be good company for her as she is aging.  

We look forward to many more summers and fun with Patch and thank you for everything.  You are a very caring, yet extremely professional breeder.  Your dogs are so loved when they are with you but also ready
when it is time for them to go to their new owners.  We thank you for letting us visit your home to meet our new puppy and for meeting us halfway when it was time for us to take Patch home.

We wish you all the best as you continue your growing business of raising these beautiful, friendly, well-bred dogs.

The Meyers Family



A major "thank you" has been long overdue.  Since we greeted Max at the airport, he has been the love of our life.  We live across the street from Central Park in Manhattan, New York and there are more dogs in
the park than you can imagine.  We see dogs who are local and many dogs who have been flown across the country. Max and I have met many cockapoos, and from a good number of the owners we have heard
sad stories about their dogs and a degree of frustration.  The dogs don't look like cockapoos, there may be behavior problems or they weren't given the kind of information you always gave us. The minute we met
Max he was able to bond with us, he demonstrated deep affection for us and our daughter. Since the beginning he has been very sociable with other dogs, children and adults.  I think about the love and attention that
Max got from you and your children and from the other puppies and his's clear that the early contact and attention you afforded him enabled him to become a wonderful member of our family quickly.

Not that we love Max for his looks, but we are stopped in the park and on the street all the time.  He is the cutest and most handsome dog we have ever seen.  We wanted a cockapoo with parti poodle markings
and he is exactly that.  We wanted a dog on the smaller side, and he is exactly that as well.  He is extremely affectionate and very smart.  He is an expert retriever, a black and white ball of fun.  We love watching
him evolve from puppy to adult and we know that each day he and we make new discoveries that add nothing but complete joy to  our daily life with Max.

Jackie, you have been a breeder who is heads and shoulders above any whom we met and/or interviewed.  From our initial query up to the present you have always been available with information, training tips
and ideas.  You have taken all my calls and it's clear that you want to be in our life with Max way beyond his placement with us.  There is no breeder who has that kind of relationship or commitment to her clients.  
In my estimation, you are the best breeder and  you produce the best quality of dogs I could ever imagine.  Thank you for sending us Max.  

Warmly, Miriam Massin
Phone: 212-666-7803


Dear Jackie,

I just wanted to write to say what an excellent dog Isabelle is and how much I want to thank you for bringing us together.   She is beautiful and has the softest, most fluffy coat that is amazingly easy to maintain.  I
just shampoo her and cream rinse her and then let her hair air dry and she looks perfect.  

Izzy is so bright and learns any lesson on the first try.  I’ve never had a dog be this easy to house break.  She only ever had two accidents and both times she had asked to go out and I was tied up on the phone and
made her wait.  My bad!  

She socializes wonderfully well with other dogs - large and small, old and new - and she is great around kids.  She is so affectionate.  I had a poodle I adored for 17 years but she was never as sweet and loving as
Izzy is.   Truly she is my best friend.

I followed all of your advice very carefully with the crate training and am certain this method has made her so secure and well adjusted.  I am especially grateful when we stopped by to visit that you shared the info
about the chain collar and leash.  You should for sure add that info to your booklet.  It was a great help.  She was fabulous in New York City.  Loved the pigeons!  

Please feel free to give potential buyers my number as a reference.  I would be pleased to answer their questions.  My nephew is also extremely thrilled with Izzy’s brother, Iggy. He could not be cuter and is all
boy.  He is devoted to Drake and waits for him under the rocking chair till he is ready to play.

On behalf of both our families, many thanks and keep up the great work you do matching the perfect pet with the perfect owner.  It is a very special talent.  

Fond regards,



Hi Jackie!  We named him Brooklyn!  He is doing great!  What an awesome dog!  He has the BEST personality and is so smart! He LOVES the beach, we take him to a dog beach in Newport,RI.  He loves to swim
w/Scott. I can't thank you enough for him!  

Thank God I asked you about the food, if I didn't he would probably already weigh 20lbs!  He finds the sprinkler fascinating and goes to it every time he wants a drink, he is so smart!  Thank You so much for the
best dog ever! Enjoy the pics.

Lisa & Scott